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Digital & Marketing

Digital & Marketing

Do you stay up late scrolling Instagram, or Pinterest? Do you fancy yourself a creative? Think you’re in touch with Gen Y? (whatever that means) Then Digital and Marketing is for you.

Digital and Marketing Jobs at Rip Curl

The Digital and Marketing departments are the heartbeat of Rip Curl, and becoming a part of them is becoming a part of a team that lives and breathes the lifestyle we sell. Between advertising, art and design, photography, retail point-of-purchase and e-commerce, social media and beyond, we truly create the Search – and we do all that we can to portray that to our customers.

This department is built for creative people who are willing to work hard and go beyond the boundaries of convention, to create a product and an idea that inspires others to live their Search.

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Rip Curl is a company founded in history, and continues to be developed with its humble beginnings present in every aspect of the business. In order to work at Rip Curl, it is important to understand and respect that history. Learn more here


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