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Design & Development

Design & Development

Do you wander into shops and critique the products on the shelves? Do you think you can do better? If so, then Design and Development is for you.

Design and Development Jobs at Rip Curl

The Product Development and Design departments of Rip Curl have one mission – to create and design products that enable our customers to live a life on the Search. From mountainwear to wetsuits, footwear to watches to tees and bikinis, this same sentiment holds true.

This department is built for a creative and highly motivated individual with big ideas, who wants to see those big ideas come to life. It is built for someone who is dynamic, innovative, and not afraid to work both autonomously and in a team.

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Rip Curl is a company founded in history, and continues to be developed with its humble beginnings present in every aspect of the business. In order to work at Rip Curl, it is important to understand and respect that history. Learn more here


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