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World Champion #1 Tyler Wright Talks Numbers

19 ottobre 2016


Quick-fire questions with the new World Champion.

It’s not easy being the best female surfer in the world. Competitions to win, flights to catch, sponsors to appease, teenage girls to inspire, family to see, friends to catch up with… it’s a demanding schedule, albeit one of the more fun routines out there.

Then, when you add all the requirements that come along with something like winning a World Title – TV shows, interviews, photo shoots, press conferences – it can really start to pile up.

That’s why, when it came time for Rip Curl to give their new World Champion a run on the website, we figured we’d keep it simple. She had after all spent two days in transit, talked through at least 25 different interviews, and was just downright ready for a nap.


So, who is Tyler Wright? She’s the #1 surfer in the world. Let’s find out a bit about what else is #1 in her life…

#1 song that describes your year: Tilted, by Christine and the Queens

#1 most memorable wave this year: My first wave in the final at France

#1 woman on Tour that you look up to: Stephanie Gilmore

#1 man on Tour that you look up to: Mick Fanning

#1 way that you annoy your brothers: They absolutely hate whenever I claim a wave

#1 name you’d like Owen’s son to have: Pablo Wolf Wright

#1 drink in your celebration cup: Vodka and ginger ale

#1 worst plane flight this year: My return flight from France, because it was cancelled about 12 times and I cried on the airport floor in Paris

#1 reason you won a World Title: Because I said I would

#1 reason you surf: Because it’s fun, duh

#1 goal for the next 12 months: Never have to change my nephew’s diaper

#1 reason you love Rip Curl: They’re understanding and they know how to celebrate

#1 trip you’ve been on this year: A Search trip with Nikki van Dijk and Alana Blanchard this past July

#1 most memorable moment in 2016: Getting the 8.83 on my backhand in the final in France

#1 most annoying question you’ve been asked since you won the World Title: “How does it feel?”

#1 fear: Creepy crawlies

#1 pre-heat meal: A warm croissant or a nutella donut

#1 thing you’ve learnt this year: How important it is to just relax

#1 favourite place in the world to be: On my couch, at home, with my dogs


Speaking of being at home, on her couch, with her dog… that’s the one place that Tyler Wright wanted to be when she woke up on October 13, 2016, as the new World Champion. So despite the hangover and the flight cancellations and everything else going on over in Europe, she made it happen and was home within 48 hours.

"2013 was the year that I changed my life. I turned it all around and put it on its head" - Tyler Wright

We mention the date, October 13, because it has a special correlation to Tyler… so special that she actually wears that number on her back in competition. We asked her why.

“2013 was the year that I changed my life. I turned it all around and put it on its head. Then, when I woke up as World Champ on the 13th, I was just thinking… there’s that number 13 again. I have so many connections to it, even down to the day I was born. Waking up and realising my first day as World Champ, ever, was pretty trippy. It was cool. It was… fitting.”

Yes. Yes it was. Congratulations Tyler Wright – we can’t wait to see #13 back on #1.



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