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The Search GPS 2 Meets Mavericks

28 gennaio 2019

As a massive West swell rushes towards the coast of Northern California, Big Wave Surfer Wilem Banks began gathering his equipment for the day. It’s 4:30AM, coffee is brewed, jetski’s are fueled, boats are loaded with guns, safety vests get prepared, and the anticipation is high. As the light breaks over the Maverick’s cliff, it was apparent this was the swell of the Winter so far. With an opportunity to score some of the biggest surf of the year, we decided to answer the long-wondered question of just how fast and far Wilem travels while surfing his beloved backyard beast. Equipped with a 9ft gun and the new Search GPS 2 watch, the answer was determined. In a 4-hour session, Wilem paddled 6864 yards, surfed 2 waves, and hit a top speed of 32.8 mph.

“Search GPS 2 is ahead of the game and that type of technology is really cool. To be able to look back at your stats, especially in waves like this, to look back and see what lines you are taking and what speeds you are going is really helpful” Wilem said post-session. The new Search GPS 2 uses satellites to give users real time views of how fast and far they traveled and the lines they took while doing it. The watch has 1,400 pre-programmed tide locations, guaranteeing it will find your location, even while on a boat in the middle of the Pacific. With features like Real Time Surf Conditions, One-Touch Auto-Set, Sunrise-Sunset times and Moon Phases, the Search GPS 2 is the ultimate surfer’s watch. Track every wave, swell, wind, and tide, with the lighter, smaller, and more durable Search GPS 2.


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