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Rip Curl is proud to announce Pauline Ado’s return among the Surf World League Top 16.

7 novembre 2016


At the end of the last event of the year (QS 6000 in Sydney, Australia) last weekend, the suspense of this long season came to an end and played in favor of the 25 years old french surfer from Hendaye (Basque Country).

“After losing straight into the first round in tricky conditions, I felt frustrated as I knew there wasn’t anything else I could do to change the situation besides waiting. I feel so relieved now, it’s been a long year to this last stop in Sydney. Even thought my results were consistent, It was really close until the very end. But this is pas now and I’m looking forward next season on the World Tour.” Explains Pauline between two flights on her way back to France.

Since her exit of the the World Tour in 2014, Pauline has been questioning herself and has modified her approach to training and competing. Two years later, the efforts are paying off, Pauline comes back with more maturity just like her team mate Tyler Wright that she will be happy to join on the Tour next year. We wish her the best for 2017.


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