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Owen Wright Talks About His Inspirational World Title Run In 2017

25 ottobre 2017

His first year back from one of the worst injuries in surfing history, Owen started with zero expectations. He went into the season with the hope of finding his feet, and maybe even winning a few heats.

But Owen must have forgotten… that’s not how the Wrights do it. They go for broke, they defy adversity, and they exceed all expectations.

In his first event back from injury he not only made a few heats, but he made the Final. With his best friend and Rip Curl teammate Matt Wilkinson in the water beside him, he won the entire event.

From there he conquered challenge after challenge, tackled obstacles and roadblocks – and by mid-year, it was clear that he was well and truly placed to fight for a World Title.

At the start of this year, this scale of success seemed not only far-fetched, but almost impossible.

Congratulations on your year Owen, as well as your 2017 World Title run. You're an outstanding human, and an inspiration to us all.

We can't wait to see you take on Pipeline, and 2018...


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