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Conner Coffin Just Released His First EP

17 maggio 2018

Conner Coffin had a bit of time at home this off-season. From Christmas through to March he spent his time chasing swells at Rincon, the rocky point break he calls home, and relaxing in his own backyard – practicing and perfecting, it turns out, his second passion. Music.

For any of you that know Conner, you'll know that everywhere he goes he's got two things – a surfboard and a guitar. After every session and before every sunset he strums and hums and mesmerises just about everyone around him. He's got talent, and it ain't just in the water.

As such, he has just released his first EP – nothing fancy, he calls it "Conner Coffin and Friends" – and that's exactly what it is. Moody instrumentals and a myriad of voices harmonising to make what could be the start of something great.

So next time you’re on Spotify wondering what to listen to next, take a minute and type in that familiar name...


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