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Meet 9-Year-Old Irish ‘Wild Child’ Joshua Karbus

17 luglio 2019

Meet 9-Year-Old Irish ‘Wild Child’ Joshua Karbus: He Surfs, Skates, and Counts Dolphins as Friends

Joshua Karbus hasn’t had a normal upbringing. And as you can see, that’s a good thing. His father, George Karbus, a wild ocean photographer from the West Coast of Ireland, has had the young Karbus in the water since he was a wee tot.

Josh was following all parents adventures around the world since he was born and literally grow up in the ocean. He caught his first wave when he was two and swim with Hammerhead Sharks in the Bahamas when he was five. When He was six, (a) baby Humpback whale breached beside him in the south Pacific and split his fin into two. Next day he was in the water with whales again.”

Joshua learned to freedive at a young age. When Josh was one, his parents introduced him to their friend, (a) wild, solitary Bottlenose Dolphin who lives by the coast and Joshua literally grew up with this dolphin.Since that, he travelled with his parents on faraway places from Arctic Circle to South Pacific to see the ocean beauty, giant whales and surfing in special places. His home town is Lahinch at the west coast of Ireland and he loves to surf local perfect reef breaks.

George Karbus Photography


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