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The Scandalnavians are back!

26 novembre 2020

The Scandalnavians are back! The Time has come for the Nordic Vikings to take over the snowboard world in a full feature movie. The geography of Scandinavia is extremely varied and so are the list of riders that hail from these parts.

From Stockholm to Oslo, Helsinki to Reykjavik live some of the world's best and iconic snowboarders. The riders have been filming for this full feature project for the past 2-years and we are ready to unleash an insane smorgasbord of Scandanavian shred delicacies that will blow your minds.

Nils Arvidsson, iconic member or the Rip Curl team for 15 years, has travelled to Japan, Austria, France, Sweden and many other places to film his video part. Nils brings creativity and technical riding in the backcountry but not only he is a street rail lover from its skateboard and punk rock addiction.

Riding by: Sven Thorgren, Nils Arvidsson, Johan Nordhag, Ludvig Billtoft, Eiki Helgason, Halldor Helgason Antti Jussila, Alek Oestreng, Len Roald Jørgensen, Kris Lerånd, Fridtjof "Fridge" Tischendorf and friends.

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