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Surf Spot Travel Guide: Rosy Hodge Talks Portugal

24 ottobre 2017

  • Photo: Sloane
  • Photo: Sloane
  • Photo: Sloane
  • Photo: Sloane

Rosy Hodge has been visiting Europe for as long as she can remember, chasing waves and commentating contests through the west coast. She knows the tiny towns of France and Portugal better than just about anybody, and she’s decided to let you in on a few of her secrets…

So have a read of Rosy’s Guide to Peniche, and start planning your next European surf trip!

Rosy, what do you look forward to most about heading to Peniche?

I look forward to coming back here because this is the stop on tour where things get very interesting. Last year we crowned a World Champ here and there is a possibility of doing the same this year – although, Gabriel Medina is looking lethal – which adds to the excitement. The waves are scary and perfect, and the crowd always appreciates the surfing.

"There are good waves all over… not just Supertubos." - Rosy Hodge

Can you tell us a little about the town? What's it like?

Honestly, I could live here. There are always waves and offshore winds to be had somewhere on this gorgeous peninsula. The weather has been pretty pleasant this year, even though I've been wearing my Anti Series jacket everyday because of the offshore wind.

What about the waves – what's your favourite wave around Peniche?

There are good waves all over… not just Supertubos. And similar to France, part of the fun is finding a perfect stretch of beach to yourself. I enjoy hunting for waves around the Farrol zone.

What boards should someone bring to Peniche? What does your quiver look like?

I would bring a range of boards, from a twin-fin fish, to a shortboard and step-up. I've packed a 5'3 Go Fish, which is a keel-fin twinnie that I love, and a 5'7 SKX as my shortboard. I'm probably not going to be charging Supertubos, but looking for more of the fun sessions. I also backed some Da Fin swim fins, if I feel like jumping in without a board.

Any must-do's or sees in Peniche?

I like driving out to the tip of the peninsula on big swells. There are a few restaurants around where you can watch the waves smash into the cliffs. After a long day of surfing, having a beer at the Surfers Lodge is epic, or going to Sushi Fish and letting Marco make some specials for you. All of those are must-do’s!

Where’s the best place to…

Find the mayor: The contest sight

Eat a steak: Tasca do Joel

Drink a coffee: The comp site every morning

Have a wine: Surfers Lodge or Tasca do Joel

Go for a dance: Bar do Bruno

Best day trip from Peniche?

Lisbon, for sure. You’ve gotta jump in the car and head into the city for a night if you’re staying in Peniche.

What about packing… what’s your must-have for Portugal?

Again, it’s layers. Make sure you have a warm jacket – I recommend anything from Rip Curl’s Anti Series range. Make sure you have a few tees and tops, a few pairs of jeans and a nice maxi skirt. I’m also pretty stoked I packed a few beanies!

The Rip Curl Pro Portugal runs from October 20 to October 31. Tune in via WorldSurfLeague.com!


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