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Freight Train | The Search By Rip Curl

6 luglio 2017

“My passion in life is to find the best breaks in the world, and combine them with the best swells the earth can offer.” – Ted Grambeau

That is photographer Ted Grambeau explaining how, just a few weeks ago, he found himself standing on a remote African coastline, shivering as the sun rose and the fog lingered, camera in hand. All surfers dream of this mantra – only few have the gift of living it.

“I saw a weather map pop up the other day, and it looked promising for this region. It was a bit far out, however; so I took it with a grain of salt. But as I kept an eye on the forecast I began seeing something that looked … exceptional. About then, a week after I saw that initial map, by the day that I boarded a plane from Australia to Jo-Burg, I was convinced it was going to be a swell to remember.”

Joining Ted on his mission was Australia’s Louie Hynd, the Guadalupe’s Tim Bisso and Ireland’s Gearoid McDaid. Louie and Gearoid were in Africa for a WQS at the time, and had been planning strike missions of their own....

Welcome to Rip Curl’s latest episode of #TheSearch, La Puesta Del Sol.

Join the crew and become a part of #TheSearch when you head over here for the full interactive experience. #TheSearch


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