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2019 European GromSearch Series Stop #5 - Lacanau, France

5 agosto 2019

The last french competition of Rip Curl Gromsearch took place in Lacanau where young athletes went into a battle to reach the first place!

This last destination in Lacanau, on the occasion of the last stage of the Rip Curl Gromsearch, rounded up 120 athletes from all over France. During this weekend, the waves were at the rendezvous which allowed our athletes to perform an unprecedented show!

For the first place among cadets (boys less than 16yo) there is Nicolas Paulet with a score of 13.84, followed closely by Kyllian Guerin, previous winner of Rip Curl Gromsearch in Anglet two weeks earlier with a score of 13, 66. We had a real good battle between these two athletes. Then, Neil Aboufiras took the third place on the podium with a score of 10.47 and finally Luan Nogues in fourth place with a score of 8.5. What a show!

Among girls less than 16yo, it is with happiness that Nahia Milhau wins and takes the first place with a score of 11.96 before Uxue Dominguez who received the score of 11.43! The latter was in third place in Anglet but was able to stand out in Lacanau to reach the second step of the podium, will she be the first next year? Keep training. In third place, Hina Conradi, came from Vendée for the event with a score of 11.1 and finally in fourth place; Flore Baracchini with a score of 6.57, her first time ever on the podium of the Rip Curl Gromsearch U16 Ondine! Congratulations to you all!

In addition, this last edition allowed to Nahia Milhau and Nicolas Paulet, the two big winners under 16 years old of the Rip Curl Gromsearch, qualifying for the international final in 2020! No information is yet delivered on this subject. A second final will also be held at the end of 2019 to allow the first 5 athletes to compete and win a place for the international final as well so, stay tuned!

Here is another step of the Rip Curl Gromsearch which allowed us to unseal new talents. The next event will take place in Watergate Bay, Newquay, England, on the 31/08 - 01/09, where new athletes will be round up for first place on the podium!


Under 16 Boys

  • 1 Nicolas Paulet
  • 2 Kyllian Guerin
  • 3 Neil Aboufiras
  • 4 Luan Nogues

Under 16 Girls

  • 1 Nahia Milhau
  • 2 Uxue Dominguez
  • 3 Hina Conradi
  • 4 Flore Baracchini

Under 14 Boys

  • 1 Pierre Lamothe
  • 2 Timeo Durou
  • 3 Tim Ehrhard
  • 4 Celyan Denis

Under 14 Girls

  • 1 Zoe Jaeckin
  • 2 Sarah Leiceaga
  • 3 Lilou Rumiel
  • 4 Lucie Bonnier

Under 12 Boys

  • 1 Enoha Le Pieres
  • 2 Jay Phipps
  • 3 Hugo Flori
  • 4 Louis Fours

Under 16 Girls

  • 1 Victoria Duprat
  • 2 Malia Dupouy
  • 3 Clara Hirigoyen
  • 4 Yséa Houllier


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