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Rip Curl Pro Portogallo

Rip Curl Pro Portogallo

The town of Peniche is unassuming. Home to one of Portugal’s largest fishing industries, it’s a bustling, working-class economy. At first glance you’d never assume it held any secrets – but if you look just a little bit closer, you’ll see that it plays host to one of the world’s best barrels. Supertubos.

Supertubos is a pumping sandbar that offers both left and right barrels running at the speed of a freight train, perfectly hollow yet never forgiving.

In 2009, Rip Curl’s Search event series took the world’s best surfers to the tiny town of Peniche, and from the second we laid eyes on the green beauty that is Supertubos, we were hooked. We haven’t missed a year since.

During the event waiting period the best men and women in the world compete in barrels ranged from 2 – 12 feet, pounding into the Portuguese sand bank.

But if the winds switch or the swell isn’t right, there are plenty of waves for freesurfing. Peniche is actually a peninsula, so if Supertubos isn’t right, you can bet the other side of the peninsula will be pumping.

Remember Kelly Slater’s 720? That was a lay day in Portugal.

We’ll leave it at that. See you in 2018, starting on October 16th. Tune in.

Location: Peniche, Portugal
Main event: 16 - 27 October, 2018

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