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Your Ultimate Guide To Surfing Bali: As Told By Rosy Hodge

27 mai 2018

It's the moment that everyone's been waiting for... the World Tour is finally going to Indonesia. The land of barrels and boardshorts, bikinis and beers. This year the men and women of the World Tour are heading to Keramas on the southeast side of the island for the main event, then moving on to Uluwatu on the southern peninsula to finish off what was the 2018 Margaret River Pro.

The CT is heading to Bali in June – prime Indonesia travel season – which means a lot of you might be booking flights and packing up to travel through the archipelago. Maybe you'll even stop in to see the Corona Bali Pro on the way.

To help you, we've asked World Tour commentator and Rip Curl team rider Rosy Hodge to give us a little insight into her experiences with travelling to Bali, and pass on any hot tips that might guide you in your journey... from what to pack to where to eat...

This is the first event the WSL has had in Indo (as a CT) since you started working with them... are you excited?

I'm so excited! It's refreshing to have new locations on Tour this year and I'm looking forward to the colourful, busy and tropical vibes of Bali.

What would you say your best memory of being in Bali has been over the years?

My first trip to Bali was in 1998, I was 11 years old representing South Africa in the under-19 division in the ISA World Grommet Games at Kuta Beach. I loved every minute of the experience – surfing, bartering on Poppies Lane for B.B. guns, laser pointers and stickers, seeing Uluwatu... every bit of it. I made the round before quarters and I was stoked.

What are you looking forward to most about Keramas?

I've never been to the Keramas side of Bali before so I can't wait to see it in person. I've obviously watched a ton of events and footage from the wave, but I don't really know it well. I'm looking forward to the event and seeing my brother – he has been living there for a few years now.

What about the waves –apart from Keramas, where do you surf in Bali?

I have a lot of love for Uluwatu, so I'll probably spend some time there. My brother has been living in Indo for the last few years so hopefully he can be my tour guide!

What's the local crowd like at Keramas, versus other spots on Bali?

Everywhere in Bali is pretty cruisey as long as you stay in waves that suit your level of surfing. I know that Keramas has one main takeoff spot though, so I am thinking that'll make the crowds pretty thick...

What's your mode of transport in Bali?

Are you a scooter rider? I feel sketchy riding a push bike to Lowers at home in California! So I don't drive scooters in Bali... if I really trusted someone I would hop on as a passenger.

What do you pack for Bali?

Mirage bikinis and dresses all day long! My favourite is the Mirage Line Up Halter, and the Last Tribe Maxi Dress both make great cover-ups. Make sure you bring a good hat – my pick is the Ritual boho Hat – and at least two surfboards... oh, and tons of legropes!

Also, here are a few recommendations I've been given that I can't wait to try...the best places to...

  • Eat dinner: If you want something fancy you can go into Seminyak and go to Mexicola, which has great Mexican food. Otherwise any nearby warung that does Nasi Campur usually hits the spot!
  • Grab a coffee: Bali coffee is harsh, but it's strong and it's good –if you can handle it, any shop on the side of the road will make you a good cuppa.
  • Have a drink: In Uluwatu you should definitely go to Single Fin on a Sunday, or The Lawn if you want to head all the way to Canggu for a quieter night.
  • Watch the sunset: The cliff at Uluwatu. It doesn’t get any better than that.
  • Go for a run/walk: There are some amazing hikes up in the Ubud area that are well worth the drive. Otherwise, pick your beach and hit the open road... so to speak.
  • Go on a day trip from Keramas: While you're in Bali you should definitely go see Uluwatu, Kuta Beach, Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud and beyond. Everywhere you go, you'll see something incredible –and when you're in Keramas, it's usually about a 45-minute drive just about anywhere.

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