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9 février 2016



While Rip Curl announced a few days back the arrival of Vincent Duvignac in the Euro Team, good news kept coming from The Ultimate Surfing Company with the announcement of young gun from Portugal Miguel Blanco signing his way in the Team.
Spotted in 2012 when he won the Euro Rip Curl GromSearch (and ended 5th during the international final at Bells Beach), Miguel Blanco (20 years old, Cascaïs) proved himself to be one of the best surfer of his generation, winning several Pro Juniors in particular the Caparica European Pro Junior WSL en 2015.

« I dream everyday of the perfect wave waiting for me somewhere… I can’t be happier to join a brand which has the same dreams as I do ! » Explains Miguel.

« Miguel is a true competitor but also a great free surfer. He can spend hours driving around the portuguese coast looking for the perfect wave. » added Yann Martin, Rip Curl Europe Team Manager. « He signed his contract and left the next day on a Search Trip somewhere with the rest of the team… Miguel has a pleasant and humble personality but is very explosif in the water and has a radical approach to surfing. » tells a very excited Yann Martin with the new team member arrival.

In 2016, Miguel will follow the World Surf League QS Tour and will be part of the coming up Search trips when his contest calendar will allow him.


Photo by Alex Lesbats


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