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The Superheat – North Shore, Hawaii Gabby, Wilko and the Rip Curl team go mad at Pipeline.

6 décembre 2016

What do you get when you wake seven pro surfers up after a night out on the North Shore, and tell them they’re about to compete? A bunch of very confused, unusually honest, and highly competitive surfers who, apparently, all want to go very fast.

Welcome to the SearchGPS Superheat, featuring Gabriel Medina, Matt Wilkinson, Nikki van Dijk, Jacob Willcox, Hiroto Arai, Crosby Colapinto and Sammy Pupo.

An in-house Rip Curl competition run over one hour at fun, clean, three-to-four-foot Pipeline and Off The Wall, the Superheat is judged on three different criteria, all tracked using Rip Curl’s SearchGPS watch:

1. Fastest Speed
2. Longest distance
3. Number of waves

Which surfer reigned supreme? Press play above and find out – have a few laughs while you’re at it. #SearchGPS

  • SearchGPS - Gabriel Medina
  • SearchGPS - Matt Wilkinson
  • SearchGPS - Nikki Van Dijk
  • SearchGPS - Samuel Pupo
  • SearchGPS - Jacob Willcox
  • SearchGPS - Hiroto Arai
  • SearchGPS - Crosby Colapinto

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