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The Hold Down: Mick Fanning’s Top 5 Moments

23 janvier 2019

A countdown of 3x World Champion Mick Fanning’s most memorable moments, as told by Ronnie and Vaughan Blakey in “The Hold Down”.

3x World Champion Mick Fanning has done a lot in his life… he’s seen more and done more than most of us can even imagine. There have been astounding highs and jaw-droppingly low lows, and most of it has all been directly in the public eye.

In conjunction with Surfing Australia TV, Channel Nine and Rip Curl, Ronnie and Vaughan Blakey recently had the chance to look back on Mick’s life and all those big moments.

In this recently premiered episode of “The Hold Down”, take a walk down memory lane and re-witness the incredible life of 3x World Champion Mick Fanning.


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