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Surf Spot Guide: Rosy Hodge Talks Hossegor, France

13 octobre 2017

It’s every surfer’s favourite time of year again – when they pack up for the last three months of the season and head to the land of cheese, wine and barrels. First stop? The southwest of France, of course!

Now, whether you’re en route to watch the world’s best at La Grav right this second, or you’re simply planning a European adventure for your next holiday, we thought we’d help you with a few hot tips.

Where’s the best steak? The best wine? The best empty bank? Let Rosy Hodge, WSL commentator extraordinaire and Rip Curl team rider, walk you through her favourite haunts.

Rip Curl: What do you look forward to most about heading to France?

Rosy Hodge: I love coming back to Europe. The people, waves, food and surf-stoked culture make it a special place to spend a few weeks of the year, especially as the summer is coming to an end and the weather is cool in the morning and beautiful during the day.

RC: Can you tell us a little about the town of Hossegor? What's it like?

It is a super quaint town, and most of the European surf industry is based out of the region. The surf culture and event history goes way back. Everyone is always happy to have the surfers back in town and we get introduced to the best that this wave-rich area has to offer.

What about the waves - what's your favourite wave around Hossegor, and why? Where else should people surf?

Every year you have to go on the hunt for the perfect sandbar. It's part of the fun, and when you find a bank with just you and your friends it's pretty special.

Best place to…

Eat a steak: Touring Cafe

Find delicious mussels: Chez Minus

Drink a coffee: Waxed

Grab a croissant: Patisserie de golf

Have a wine: Le Etiquette

Go for a dance: Le Central always has something going on.

Watch the sunset: Any part of the beach with a glass of rose or vin rouge.

Best day trip from Hossegor? 
San Sebastián or Biarritz, hands down.

Packing - what's a must-have for your time in France?
Layers! I can go from freezing to boiling hot, so be ready to strip ;)

Wetsuits – what’s your go-to in France?
I love the Zipless GBomb 3/2 – it’s the perfect option for this in-between water temp that tends to pulse through the currents in France.

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