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Ski Vacation with Raphael Webhofer

11 mars 2020

In the ski comedy, a Brazilian couple is on a ski road trip through the Tyrolean Alps and stops over in Obergurgl.

There they are welcomed in a Tyrolean traditional way: with great skepticism and bitter charm. Only between the Brazilian girl and her ski instructor a closer relationship develops. For her clumsy boyfriend the situation is much more difficult because the hot doggers of the local ski scene enjoy making jokes with him. Of course, no one has expected what a great skier the Brazilian is and so the story begins to take a surprising turn...

AUT 2018 | 21 min. | German/Portuguese/English with eng. Subtitles
Main Actor : Raphael Webhofer
Supporting Actor: Carolina Frauche, Moritz Lechner, Michael Trojer, Marc Hartinger, Bezi Freinademetz, Armin Fuchs, Commander Ape, Mitch Tölderer, Lucas Mangold, Georg Stückler, Jules "The King" Zenzmaier, Elias Holzknecht, Hansjörg Auer
Production: Whiteroom
Productions Camera: Johannes Hoffmann, Simon Platzer, Jakob Schweighofer
Director: Johannes Hoffmann
Cut: Johannes Hoffmann
Audio: Isobel Cope & Kurt Mair


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