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Rip Curl Women Take Over The North Shore

7 décembre 2017

Welcome to My Bikini, Hawaii, with the next generation of Rip Curl surfers… well, the gals, that is.

Six girls, three countries and a whole lot of future World Tour talent – that’s what the past week on the North Shore of Oahu has been all about.

The crew was… Leilani McGonagle (18 years old, CR), Kobie Enright (18 years old, AUS), Leah Thompson (16 years old, USA), Alyssa Spencer (14 years old, USA), Kirra-Belle Olsson (16 years old AUS) and Brisa Hennessy (18 years old HI).

Situated inside a house overlooking Off The Wall, the girls had a full seven days on the island – chasing waves (successfully), and chickens (unsuccessfully), from dawn until dusk.

Each girl is at a different place in their surfing – whether they’re 14 years old and just starting the Junior Series grind, or 18 years old and so close to reaching the World Tour they can barely contain themselves. But every girl, no matter who they are or where they’re at, was impressive.

From Lani’s to Turtle Bay, heads were turning and whispers were spreading – these girls weren’t afraid to take on the chaotic Pacific Ocean that was barrelling into the northern shoreline of Oahu.

Scroll through the images above and get to know the next generation of Rip Curl women… these gals are going places.


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