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Really Really Really Good Surfers - Ep.2 Gabriel Medina

27 mars 2017

Welcome back to Really Really Really Good Surfers, our brand new web series all about the world’s best surfers (as told by the world’s best surfers).

Episode two? Featuring Gabriel Medina…

People see Gabs in a few select scenarios – at competitions – strategising, focusing, stretching, praying. The WSL webcast is a window into the life and minds of athletes – but it’s limited – and there’s a lot more to each surfer than meets the eye.

Here, we’d like you to get to know another side to Gabriel Medina. From Byron Bay to Snapper Rocks, we spent a week hanging with him and the rest of his teammates, and attempted to capture that stuff you don’t see.

Sit back, relax and get to know the lighter side of your first Brazilian World Champion.


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