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Over the Ledge with Gearoid McDaid

24 février 2020

Over the Ledge is the story of Gearóid McDaid journey of progression over the last twelve months. We see Gearóid spending time with Nic Von Rupp and William Allioti to learn from their many years of experience. This movie highlights Gearóid’s hesitation, fears and how he adapts to pushing his own personal limits and throwing himself over the ledge.

Can you talk to us about this sick project?

So this is a movie about my journey of trying to push myself in heavier waves. The last few years i found myself holding back and not going out on some heavier days. So this winter i really made a conscious decision to push myself and give them ago every session i could. And i found it worked and felt more and more confident each session.

How is your relationship with Clem?

Clem and i have been friends for years. Its always good to work with someone like this who your best friends with and get on super well with. We spend a lot of time together and rarely fight hahha. Clem is one of the most dedicated filmer I've ever met. He's there ready for any swell or trip I've ever ask. Always makes time for me its a very good relationship we have.

Why did you choose William and Nic as guest ?

I choose Nic and William because Nic is one of the best big wave surfers coming out of Europe now so it was a no brainer to try and hang with Nic and learn from his experiences.And William is one of my best friends. Ive been doing a lot of trips with him and we always have a great time and score sick waves.

When it's the best season to travel to Ireland ?

Coming to Ireland is pretty hard to call. Swells are ever changing and variable winds. Its one of the hardest places to score on strike missions. But when the swell and winds line up. I dont think theres anywhere in the world that comes close.

How are you physically getting ready for those big session ?

Ive started training and working on my breathing for these heavier sessions. Ive also been working a lot on staying relaxed while in heavier waves which i think is the main thing. Once your relaxed its a whole lot easier to go on bigger days

What are the next steps & Your upcoming goals ?

My next steps are to keep trying to push myself in heavier waves and keep trying to go bigger and bigger. I always want to try push myself and focus on doing some contests this year. I feel doing contest helps with improving my surfing in every aspect


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