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Mick Fanning And Mason Ho Are Going On The Search

7 avril 2018

As Mick Fanning walks away from his last World Tour event, the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, his plans for the future are unveiled.

The Search has been a part of Mick’s life for as long as he’s been with Rip Curl… from teenage years to adulthood, to becoming World Champ to becoming a household name around the world.

The Search has helped guide Mick through all of it, taking him out of his comfort zone and putting him in situations and locations that push him both mentally and physically.

And today, as Mick walks away from his final World Tour event, he unveils his plans for the future – to head into the unknown and to do it on The Search.

His partner-in-crime will be Mason Ho, a man who wears his heart on his sleeve and will say yes to any adventure. The duo will travel the world in the spirit of The Search, and document it as they go.

Mick Fanning and Mason Ho are going on The Search, and it’s coming to a screen near you…

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