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Isodreams by Gearoid McDaid

28 mai 2020

Almost a year to the day. After numerous planned trips have been canceled and the whole world is on lockdown. I started to reminisce on one of the funniest trips I did last year.

I was going to South America for a string of QS contests and decided since it was coming into the summer flatness in Ireland to go earlier and try chase some waves over there. I had been talking to Lele Usuna. Abit and he had been telling me about some of the funniest left points there is. It seemed like a pretty easy option to chase. He told me just fly there and meet him and lets go try score so that’s what we did. Me and William Allioti , my filmer Clem McInerney met up with Lele and a couple of his friends and god did we have fun. Such a good swell came just in time before we had to go to the contest and left us with tired legs and smiling faces as we got on our flights.


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