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Go Behind the Scenes with Bethany Hamilton at Teahupoo

19 juin 2018

Bethany Hamilton's story has been told… but never like this. Surfs Like A Girl was her first debut into the Hollywood spotlight, where she began to inspire girls all over the world that anything was possible. But her new feature film Unstoppable, filmed and directed by Aaron Lieber, delves to a depth most never thought they'd see.

Following her from her childhood through to losing her arm, to becoming a wife and a mother, to becoming an international superstar, to throwing caution to the wind and doing what she loves – surfing big waves.

In this special edition of Surfline’s Talking Story, Aaron Lieber tells the story of a very special day at Teahupo'o – and what it was like to see Bethany Hamilton pull in to one of the most death-defying waves in the world. It’s terrifying, it’s beautiful and quite frankly it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. Enjoy.

Bethany Hamilton’s new movie, Unstoppable, filmed and directed by Aaron Lieber.


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