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Emilien Badoux - Two decades of snowboarding

30 janvier 2020

There is no better way to describe Emilien through the heart of his friends. Emilien has been evolving in the snowboard scene for over two decades from Half-Pipe contest to Search trips, he becomes World Champion in 2014.

Emilien aka Mimil, was already ripping as a 15 years old Grom. He had a great spirit and was at the time recommended for our second Indian trip in 2002. He blew our minds. A very mature young guy, very funny and super positive Always ready to go to share the good vibe. On the tracks he proved himself to be an all-around rider, throwing tricks and kickers between two powder lines. We got along right away like old friends, like brothers even. Riding helped him to discover who he really was and express himself. 20 years after he still rips with the same flame. Keep going like this, my friend! - Cyril Néri, 3x Xtreme Verbier Winner
Emilien is the type of guy that you know you will spend a good day with! A smile always hangs on his face. Snowboarding brings him this mild madness that he spreads like a virus with sincerity and dedication - Marion Haerty, 2x World Champion
Emilien is an incredible character. He is a dedicated snowboarder, an enjoyer, able to transmit the joy and passion. Badoux, thanx for being yourself. - Victor De Le Rue, modern Hero
Emilien was 12 when we first met. Full of will, he had an overflowing energy. Fearless, he was shredding jumps of the edge of the slopes, seeking to reproduce the moves of the most experienced. Over the years, Emilien has learned to channel this energy to materialize it in a serene and accomplished ride. Connected with the elements, he is now evolving in the mountains in the mountains where he keeps progressing. Keep on searching Emilien. - Darius Heristchian, legend, Air & Style 2001


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