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Bethany Hamilton Makes Bold Moves At The OK Fiji Pro

30 mai 2017

Last year, Bethany Hamilton took the opportunity of a wildcard at the Fiji Pro and ran with it… all the way to the Semifinals. In the process she took down some of the world’s best surfers, including current World Champion Tyler Wright, 6x World Champion Stephanie Gilmore and the eventual winner of the event, Johanne Defay.

This year, with a less-than-stellar forecast and the added pressure of following up with another result, Bethany’s fortune at Cloudbreak looked uncertain. But despite the smaller surf, the high tide, the strong winds, and two fierce competitors, she did it again.

"I’m so stoked to be the wildcard here. I watch all the events and all the girls are ripping!" - Bethany Hamilton

Once again taking down Tyler Wright, alongside the highly touted Tatiana Weston-Webb in Round 1, Bethany propelled herself straight in to Round 3.

“It feels so good to win my first heat,” Bethany said. “I had the chance to open up and it felt good. I’m so stoked to be the wildcard here. I watch all the events and all the girls are ripping!”

On her second wave of the heat Bethany fumbled after hacking her way down the line, falling off on a score that was critical for success. In the end she came away with an 8.17, but it didn’t go without notice.

“I’m not competing much right now and my nerves got to me,” she said. “I got ahead of myself at the end of my best wave and made a mistake.”

But she brushed it off with a smile, and continued into the final round of the day, where she surfed a non-elimination heat against Johanne Defay and Courtney Conlogue.

Tomorrow, which is likely to be finals day at the OK Fiji Women’s Pro, Bethany will surf in Round 4 against fellow Rip Curl teammate, Tyler Wright.

Has she got the World Champ’s number? Tune in and find out.

In the meantime, a huge congrats to your repeat success here at the Fiji Pro, Bethany!

Hear more from Bethany and what she’s been getting up to in Fiji, at our exclusive interview right over here.


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