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Alana Blanchard: On Pregnancy And The Future Of Her Career

3 juillet 2017

Earlier this week Alana Blanchard announced to the world that she and her partner Jack Freestone are having a baby.

Over the past 14 years of her life, Rip Curl has been by her side watching her grow into the person she is today – and we couldn’t be happier for her and Jack in this new and exciting chapter in life.

Along with that excitement, we had questions! And we knew you might too. So we gave her a call to get a rundown of what having a baby is really going to mean for Alana

Congratulations Alana! How are you feeling about it all?

It’s been so mellow. I’ve had a very, very easy pregnancy so far. I still don’t even really feel pregnancy to be honest – it’s crazy. I still can’t even really comprehend everything. It’s just crazy to think that I have a growing human in my body!

And, it’s a boy!

Yup. It’s pretty exciting. I’m halfway, so it was time to find out.

"I know a lot of people found out before we actually wanted to announce, and everyone was really respectful and nice about the whole thing." - Alana Blanchard

And, how was it for you to make the announcement?

Announcing it was pretty mellow actually. I was waiting for some things and we wanted to wait until I was 20 weeks, and when it got to that point we were just like, “Oh, let’s take picture and tell everyone we’re pregnant!” Jack’s been wanting to tell everyone for a long time now so, it was great.

It would have been a hard secret to keep…

Yeah, it got to a point where I was like, okay, I definitely look like I’m either a little pregnant or I ate a huge meal. And when it got to that stage, we knew it was time. But it was really really mellow. I know a lot of people found out before we actually wanted to announce, and everyone was really respectful and nice about the whole thing. We got so much positivity back and it’s been amazing actually. Everyone is so happy for us, which is so cool. I honestly did not know what was going to go down.

And, what’s the plan for the rest of your pregnancy?

Well I actually just came to the Gold Coast on a bit of a spontaneous trip, just to see everyone over here. We had a little gender reveal party with friends – it was nice. We did that here because I’m going to have the baby on Kauai and we’ll be there for a bit after that getting settled with everything… I leave here on Saturday and I probably won’t come back to Australia until we have the little guy.

And then once the baby comes, have you talked about where you’ll be living, or whether or not you’ll travel on Tour with Jack?

I mean, I think we’re just going to have to take is as it comes. We definitely want to be together as much as we can, so we can both be with the baby. But there definitely will be times and places where the baby and I won’t be able to come. But everyone will probably see me around contests a lot more now. But I definitely still want to do my own stuff, and you know, I want to be a working mom!

I was going to ask… do you see yourself ever competing again?

I don’t know! I kind of was thinking about that a little bit this year, and everything was steering me into the non-competing direction. There were a few obligations I had to do that made me miss a few contests, and then I got pregnant! So I don’t know… maybe my life path is just not to compete. I’m just going to have to see how everything happens. I mean, I look at Bethany and it’s really cool to see her still doing what she wants to do – and her and her husband Adam are so happy with Tobias. I mean, it’ll be different for us for sure, but we’ll just have to see how it goes! I’m not going to make any huge plans right now, just because everything is going to be so new and I don’t want to get too caught up in anything. I want to be in the present time with the baby.

It’d be nice to be able to hang with Bethany and get on the same program as her…

Yeah, exactly. She’s really excited that we’re having a baby. She loves giving me advice already, so it’s been great. And it’s really cool actually – you connect with a lot of people when you’re pregnant. I mean, when you get pregnant people are just really helpful and kind. I didn’t even know this world existed really…

And, how’s the naming going? Are there lots of names?

We had a ton of names at first. We honestly thought it was going to be a girl, so we have so many girl names. But I don’t know! We think of names, but it’s not every day or anything. I just feel like a name is going to come to us. It’s so hard – I’m just like, oh my god, we’re naming a human. This isn’t just our dog or cat that we call Biggie Smalls or Kevin Durant.

Ha! No, your baby definitely can’t steal your cat’s name. And lastly, you kicked off the Alana Blanchard Foundation in Cabo earlier this year… how did that go, and what’s next now that you’re pregnant?

It went really well in Cabo and we got some really good feedback, and one of the girls we got to the contest won a good chunk of change. That was really fun to watch and be a part of. And I think now that I’m pregnant I’ll actually be able to concentrate on it more, because usually I’m travelling or I’m constantly doing things. Now I’m a lot more mellow, even in just day-to-day things I’m more chilled out. So I’ll have more time.

So funny the way things work… you have a baby, you have more time!

Ha, yeah. Well I’m lucky with the support I have from Rip Curl, that I’m able to do that. Because I’m not surfing as much and I’m not travelling as much.

What month will you be able to surf up to?

I mean, girls do surf all the way to the end, but it just depends how you feel really. I get a little weird about it sometimes, but I don’t know. It’s kind of just… some days you go out, some days you don’t.

Well that’s all so exciting! Congratulations. We can’t wait to meet the little ripper.


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