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Ain’t No Wave Pool: Mick Fanning and Tyler Wright Return to The Snake

3 septembre 2018

Before Tyler Wright withdrew from the Surf Ranch event, Mick Fanning decided to take her to his secret wave. The perfect training ground.

Earlier in the 2018 season, as reigning 2x WSL Champion Tyler Wright campaigned for her third consecutive World Title, Mick Fanning hatched a plan.

To help her train for the Surf Ranch Pro, the first-ever World Tour event in a wave pool, he was going to take Tyler to his secret wave. He was going to Return to The Snake.

Long, flawless barrels breaking right on the sand, eerily similar to the artificial perfection of the wave pool. It was the perfect training ground.

Unfortunately, Tyler has withdrawn from the Surf Ranch Pro due to an ongoing illness... she still scored with Mick though...

Watch as World Champions go wave-for-wave in the Return to The Snake.


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