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New Rip Curl Anti-Series Collection

15 septiembre 2019

It is colder, wetter, the sun goes down sooner... Guess what? Winter is coming. Some will continue to brave harsh climatic conditions to face the powerful swells of winter, even with negative temperatures.

Perfect swell, empty line-up, maximum motivation: you checked the previsions, it's time to drop your cellphone and go see for yourself. Gear loaded, coffee swallowed, a little ride and here you are, parked near your favorite spot. Just a few minutes left before your surfing session. Maybe the best of the year, who knows?
But here we are, it's WINTER. It's freezing, raining, windy. This is why Rip Curl designed the Anti-Series Collection. It will protect you under all weathers and keep you warm both before and after your winter surfing session, so that you can live the Search all year long. Team tested, and approved!

Key Features - Collection Rip Curl Anti-Series



Laminated & bonded fabrics eliminate wind chill.



Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatments protect you through rain & storms keeping you dry.



A variety of internal lining & padding options to keep you warm.


Our Selection - Rip Curl Anti-Series Men


When looking for new waves, when living the Search, you don’t always end up on hot sand beaches under a tropical sun. You also have to venture in cold waters and face the elements, just as our Team Riders who tested the Anti-Series Collection  in Ireland. This collection was made for the adventurers.


Wax-On Anti-Series Jacket

Winter is unpredictable, but the Wax-On Anti Series Jacket will never let you down. This parka offers comfort and resistance against the elements. With a durable water repellent treatment, this jacket keeps you pleasantly dry and especially warm during winter.

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Ultimate Anti-Series Jacket

Our highest quality AntiSeries jacket, the Ultimate AntiSeries Jacket is a 3 layers jacket. The inner insulated jacket is connected to outerwear jacket. Equipped with a chin guard, a raised neck, an adjustable hood, and reienforced with DWR treatment.

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Saltwater Anti-Series Jacket

Part of our Saltwater Culture collection, the Easy Livin' Anti Jacket is made with ecological canvas shield and eqquiped with our AntiSeries technology. This jacket offers comfort and resistance against the elements.

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Sabotage Anti-Series Jacket

Sabotage Anti-Series Jacket will be for cold and wet autumns and winter days. Four pockets,double opening and cuffs tightening will attract you.

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Our Selection - Rip Curl Anti-Series Women


If you’re one of these surfers who are willing to face the cold to find the perfect wave, this collection is made for you. The Rip Curl Anti-Series was built out of the need to be drier, warmer and more comfortable. Check out our selection of jackets and sweaters that will soon become your bestfriends this winter.


Anti Series Mission Jacket

This padded jacket is availble in 2 colours, featuring a sherpalined hood with detachable fur, elasticated waist, 2 diagonal zip pockets and a black Rip Curl badge on top of the left sleeve.

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Anti Series Insulated Coast Jacket

The Anti Series Insulated Coast Jacket offers winter warmth in any condition. Solid yellow featuring contrast black zip closure and pockets with concealed rib cuffs. Anti cold, anti wind, anti rain.

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Anti Series Chinook Jacket

The Chinook Jacket is the perfect waterproof winter warmer. This double layered hooded jacket with inside high neck polar fleece ensures there is no chance of the cold getting in. Two side pockets. Rubber Rip Curl badge..

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Antiseries Modular 1/4 zip fleece

AThe Anti Series Modular 1/4 Zip fleece offers a ploar fleecelined collar, thumb gusset and media pocket at front left chest. Features Rip Curl badge and AntiSeries logo.

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