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Kyllian Guerin, pre-season interview !

9 abril 2019

Kyllian Guerin interview

1) Hey Kyllian, what's happened during your last 6 months ? What's your best highlight ?!

My last 6 months have been very rich in travel and new experiences. First, heading to Hawaii in November 2018, at the "Rip Curl House". It was my first time in this very famous house in front of Pipeline, I did not really know how it was going to happen. I was the only "groms" in the house, so the more people there were, the more chores to do ... But we must believe that it's the price to pay to be there! Because a house with 3 floors, in front of pipeline, full of pros it's worth a few chores ...

It was very motivating and rewarding to surf with the Team Pros. Because when you surf with Owen Wright for example, who is one of the experts of this wave, he gives you some advice and you progress quickly. Moreover, we get fews big swell during this pleasant stay so it was the perfect time to get out of our bubble zone ! After 3 great weeks in Hawaii, heading to California, where I trained with one of my coaches : Yann Martin. The waves were very different from Hawaii and I had a little time to adapt. But in the end, it was a good training with the colonel !!!

At least, to conclude last year, flight to Costa Rica, my "country heart" ! It was a good month with my family enjoying the heavenly weather, the white sand beaches filled with palm trees, and of course the many beachbreaks !

After Christmas, let's go to Australia for about 2 months ! There Vincent Primel (one of my coaches) and I, have switched between surf training and competitions. Justin Becret and Teva Bouchgua were there as well. We motivate each other and as soon as you see your buddy do a good maneuver, you just want to do better on your next wave !

Beginning of February, I headed to Avoca Beach to spend my week with the world's best young surfers sush as Corsby Colapinto, Caleb Tancred, Jett Shilling...

The first 3 days of training camp with Glenn Hall went off to a great start. I had never done an internship as well organized, every day was different and I learned a lot. It was a great experience to be coached by Glenn, who was himself a former WCT surfer. He has a lot of experience and a different approach. But unfortunately on physiology tests on the 4th day of the camp, I got hurt. Result: 6 stitches at the foot which forced me to stay away and penalized me on the continuation of my Australian campaign. Once healed, heading to Manly beach, a beach located 20min north of Sydney. I had a junior pro there and my goal was to have fun during my series, especially to surf well. I finished in the final, a great experience. Pass tricks, compete against the best Australian and succeed in beating them, rather cool and satisfying for this end of stay.

That was a little highlight of my last 6 months..

2) What do you plan for the year 2019?

My plans for 2019 are mainly to focus on competitions such as European Junior Pro Circuits. But also start the WQS to win points for the future. I will definitely go to the GromSearch World Finale !! It would be really nice to be able to win a victory, especially knowing that it will take place in Costa Rica .... I also plan to travel around the world to make photos, progress and surf new waves. I would like to discover Tahiti this year.

3) How do you manage high school education and surf ? What is your daily life?

Réussir à suivre le cursus scolaire en tant que sportif de haut niveau est très compliqué.Pouvoir trouver du temps pour travailler entre les voyages, les surfs, les entraînements physiques, les compétitions, je vous laisse imaginer … et sincèrement c’est dur à gérer. It's very difficult to be able to follow the school courses as a full time athlete. To find time to work between traveling, surfing, physical training, competitions... I let you imagine. Sincerely, it's hard to manage .

Nevermind, I hang on to it even if I still have a backlog. With all these tasks to do daily, my weeks are quite rhythmic. I don't find the time for an afternoon only on Netflix or Fortnite !!!

It's a way of life that I like and I intend to continue living like this

4) Are your career ambitions still intact ?

When I was 7 years old, I had dreams and they are still there. My first goals, when I was 12 are still the same as today. And that's what gives me this motivation to train and make some sacrifices. I want to reach the WCT, be world champion and create a name for myself in surfing.

But I also want to continue to travel and to look for new waves by discovering new cultures because it is above all that why I love surfing: discovering, marveling every time conditions are there and surfing, still giving the best of myself.

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