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Here’s How To Find The Perfect Bikini Fit

29 noviembre 2017

Finding the perfect bikini is an art –between choosing a style you like, a pattern you love, and a shape that makes you look and feel fab, it’s easy to get confused. And a lot of the time, shopping online doesn’t make that any easier!

That’s why we’ve decided to give you a bit of help in the selection department. So, without further adieu, here’s your fool proof guide to finding the perfect piece of swimwear.

On The Top...

Light Support: If you’re an A or a B cup, you’re probably looking for something fun, flirty and suitable for a more petite frame. We suggest a Rip Curl bikini that offers that less structured look, and these are labelled with Light Support tags.

Good Support: Rip Curl bikinis labelled with Good Support are perfect for A cups all the way through to C cups. They offer a bit of structure and will give you comfort and confidence on the sand and in the water.

Full Support: Rip Curl Full Support bikini tops are a must-have in a summer wardrobe for anyone with a C to DD cup. In these bikinis you’ll find excellent, without compromising great style.

On The Bottom...

Skimpy Coverage: Rip Curl’s Skimpy Coverage bikini bottoms are perfect for a more petite body frame, or for someone who’s simply trying to get a bit of tan on the backside! A brief fit with minimal coverage, without going too far.

Cheeky Coverage: If you’re the kind of girl that likes to show a little, without showing too much, Rip Curl’s Cheeky Coverage bottom is the one for you. A flattering and comfortable shape, with a little bit of cheek.

Good Coverage: Rip Curl’s Good Coverage bikini bottom offers a modest fit that looks good on every body, no matter the shape or size. A closet staple for summer.

If you’re after a bikini this summer, look no further.

Our latest range has just dropped! Hop over to swimwear online, or head in to your nearest retail store


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