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The Very Best of Rip Curl’s North Shore Team House

28 December 2017

Take a trip inside the Rip Curl team house, and get to know the surfers who live there during the North Shore season.

November and December are busy months on Oahu’s North Shore, as anyone who’s anyone in surfing jumps on a jet plane and heads out to Pipeline in the lead-up to the final CT event of the year. And for the last decade, Rip Curl has come to the party and taken up residency at one of the most prime pieces of real estate on the 7-Mile Miracle.

And throughout those two months, team riders from around the world fly in and find their place in the house, spending their days surfing out front at Off The Wall and earning their spot in the lineup at Pipe.

2017 has been a busy house, with everyone from groms to 3x World Champions, surfers from Japan, Argentina, Brazil, the USA, Australia and more.

Go on, click play and get to know the surfers who make up the infamous Rip Curl Team House on the North Shore.


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