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Summits of My Heart - A human outdoor adventure

26 March 2019

Summits Of My Heart is not a race, it is a human outdoor adventure in support of cardiac children. The face behind is Claire Dupont, project manager at Rip Curl and mum of a 9yo little heart Camille.

Claire is neither a top athlete nor an alpinist, she is an outdoor lover and a passionate adventurer dreaming of a better world.

Her extraordinary project is the baby of her personal story and Kilian Jornet Book "Summits Of My Life". Her daughter Camille had to undergo open-heart surgery when she was 9 months old, afflicted with a trial heart. She benefited a partial transplant. They won together this war after a long fight, a beautiful victory. Today they want to share this victory and help the ones crossing the same difficulties, through this one-of-a-kind project.

She will cross the French Pyrenees through 90 summits she will climb, leaving at the top a heart flag, as a hope touch. Hope for Health, Hope for Earth and Hope for Heart. This is THE message she wants to spread.

To reach each summits, she is counting her heartbeats and try to collect one cent of euro by heartbeat required to reach the top of the mountains. With all those 9000000 heartbeats she is planning to collect 90000 euros in support of Mecenat Chirurgie Cardiaque, acting to save cardiac children

More infos : Summits of My Heart

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