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Your Top 5 Winter Session Essentials

11 February 2021

Who says you can't have a beach day in the middle of Winter? With these Winter Session Essentials, even the coldest of days can make for the perfect session, from lineup to the sand.

A chilly Winter surf is made infinitely better with the right gear. There's nothing worse than a freezing parking lot change, shivering in the lineup and numb feet on the walk back. We've made it easy on you this time with our Winter Session Essentials!

From our warmest wetsuits and changing ponchos, to toasty accessories and the perfect bag to haul it all back. With the right gear, you'll be ready to take on any weather while pretending its Summer, all Winter long.

1. Flashbomb Wetsuits

The world's fastest drying wetsuits also happen to be our warmest and most flexible we've ever made. From the HeatSeeker to the new Flashbomb with E6, Rip Curl is the leader in cold water wetsuit technology.


2. Changing Poncho

Hows the saying go? You dont know what you're missing until you find it? Well the Changing Poncho is exactly that. You wont know how you lived without it. Warm, convenient and down right comfy, save time and warmth during those cold parking lot changes.


3. Booties, Gloves & Hoods

Just because you dont have the thick stuff, doesn't mean you cant enjoy a Winter session. Beef up the warmth of any wetsuit with our Wetsuit Accessories. Flashbomb Booties, HeatSeeker Hoods, Gloves and more to keep you out there longer.


4. Wet/Dry Bags

Rip Curl's F-Light Series focuses on creating the lightest, most functional bags and luggage for any surf trip, near or far. Combine that with our extra large wet/dry compartments and you have yourself the perfect pre and post session bag. Load it up with a days worth of gear, then after, throw that cold, dripping wetsuit into your bag, away from all your stuff.


5. Pre/Post Session Jacket

The last thing you want is to be cold before you even suit up, or worse, still freezing after you're done. Ensure you trap in all that crucial heat before and after your session with our best selling Anti-Series jackets.


Cheers to a Winter full of epic beach days, Crew. See you in the line-up.


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