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Surf suit Guide: How to Choose a Surf suit?

11 March 2020

Kate Chambers with the Navy Beach Surf suit

What is a lycra surf suit, and why do you need one this summer?

In the past few months, a new craze has evolved in the swimsuit world – the surf suit. You’ve probably seen images of girls wearing these “surf suits” in pools, in lineups and even on the beach. And you’ve probably asked yourself, what actually is a surf suit? And, why do I need one?

A lycra surf suit is a long sleeve swimsuit, made out of a super stretchy performance poly elastane. It’s lightweight, and it usually offers a high neck and a flattering bikini cut on the bottoms. But, why do you need one?

Surf suits are great for three main reasons...

1. A surf suit offers UV protection, and Rip Curl’s surf suits offer protection up to 50+ from those pesky UV rays. Because of the high neck cut, the long sleeves and the full body coverage, you can be sure that you won’t be heading back in from the surf with a sunburn.

2. While offering UV protection, surf suits also keep you feeling secure in the lineup. When you’re tumbling around underwater, or popping up against a surf of backwash, you want to feel confident that your swimwear will stay where it needs to be. Surf suits take the guesswork out of it – no more nip slips, no more saggy bottoms!

3. Style! Rip Curl Surf Suits aren’t just functional, but they’re also super flattering and very on-trend. You don’t need to bare it all on the beach to look fantastic – surf suits are modest, flirty and hug you in all the right places.

So there you have it – now all that’s left to do, is choose your favourite surf suit design!

Girl Surfing in Paradise Cove

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