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Welcome To Summer 2018 In #MyBikini

4 February 2019

  • Surfer Leah Thompson | A Product of the Search
  • Nat Darcas | A Product of the Search

It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s subtle, it’s simple, and it’s everything you want it to be. This is #MyBikini.

A bikini isn’t just a piece of fabric. It’s freedom. It’s fun. It’s the feeling of being salt washed and sun bleached, of dancing on waves embracing the golden days. It’s not just any bikini, it’s #MyBikini. And it’s arrived just in time for summer.

From the pop stitching and floral prints in our Mirage “The Surfer’s Bikini” collection, to the soft aloha prints of Hanalei Bay, there is something for everyone in our Summer 2018 collection.

Feeling a bit sun sensitive? Try one of our flattering UV Surf Suits. Need to jet from the beach to the street? Give our Surf Essentials collection a try… the balconette is perfect to throw on under a breezy summer tank.

Welcome to the best part of your year. Welcome to Summer 2018 in #MyBikini.

Available now in store and online.

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