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The World's First GPS Surf Watch

21 October 2014

The worlds first GPS surf watch, the Rip Curl SearchGPS let’s you review your surfing stats live from the lineup.

You can also now re-live your sessions in a way never before possible.

Newest Features include:

  • The SearchGPS APP See all key surfing stats on your smart phone including; wave count, top speeds, ride length and session times. All this in a sleek and user-friendly design. You can also share with your friends and keep up to date with Rip Curl pro’s including Mick Fanning, Matt Wilkinson, Owen Wright and Gabriel Medina.
  • One Touch Auto Set Rip Curl SearchGPS offers one touch auto set to over 1,360 tide locations all over the globe including Hawaii, Australia, North America and Europe.
  • Track Everything Rip Curl SearchGPS can track all your movements in the water, from top speed to distance paddled. You can then view your session via the app and desktop software.
  • 10 Hour GPS Surf time Rip Curl SearchGPS has the ultimate storage capacity. Each watch can store up to 10 hours worth of surf data for you to view any time. To free space all you have to do is upload your surf session to the desktop app.
  • Cloud assisting Technology Rip Curl’s SearchGPS has the latest in cloud sharing technology. No searching for cables, simply sync your watch with the cloud and upload your data on the go.


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