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Special Father’s Day Guide: Find the perfect Rip Curl gift for him.

6 June 2018


Father's Day is an opportunity to celebrate the awesome man your dad is and show him how much he matters for you. For this, nothing like offering him something chosen at the height of your affection for him. Indeed, who says super dad, says super gift! And if he's a surf fan, you're in the right place.

We already imagine you wondering what are you going to offer him, but don’t panic, we've thought about everything. We know that it is not so easy to find THE gift that will make your father thrilled and give him a real smile (not the same smile as when he discovers the tie or the cup that you offer him for the 5th time...). To help you in your quest, we have prepared a Special Father's Day Guide to find the best Rip Curl gift to offer. You're welcome!

For surfer dads:

rip-curl-e-bomb Zip Free 2/2 Short Sleeve

1. Rip Curl Wetsuit - E-Bomb Zip Free 2/2 Short Sleeve

If you want to mark the occasion for Father’s Day, here is the gift that will make him smile. This short-sleeved E-Bomb Rip Curl Wetsuit is the most flexible in the range, giving your dad the freedom to ride the most beautiful waves. A doubt about the size? Consult our size guide here

 Rip Curl Search GPS Watch

2. Rip Curl Search GPS Watch

Your dad is a geek and a surfer looking for something new? Offer him the first GPS surf watch in the world, no less. He can re-live his surfing sessions, share them, challenge other surfers and improve himself. Let's say it's the ultimate surfers watch.

For dads looking for comfort after their session:

Rip Curl Newy Poncho

3. Rip Curl Newy Poncho

This is the perfect gift if you care about you dad’s comfort. Essential accessory for the post-session, this poncho Rip Curl will allow him to change out of sight and out of cold. As a bonus, he can use it at home as a bathrobe. What else?

men's surfboard covers

4. Rip Curl Wetsuit Backpack - F-Light Skunk

Don’t be fooled, it is not a cooler. This wetsuit bag will change your father’s life, especially his car’s. Forget about the sand and water everywhere, Rip Curl F-Light Skunk waterproof bag is perfect for carrying his wetsuit without leaving a trace.

For Mick Fanning’s fan dads

rip curl mick fanning boardshort

5. Rip Curl Mirage Mick Fanning One 19" Boardshort

Mick Fanning's signature boardshort is the perfect mix of performance, durability and style. Basically, soon the best friend of your dad. He will accompany him everywhere, surfing the most beautiful waves of the coast or simply walking on the beach, and always with style. A must have!

men's sunglasses

6. Rip Curl Mick Fanning Wet Trucker

The cap is the detail that makes the outfit and the future favorite accessory of your dad. To protect himself from the sun when waiting for the next tide while keeping an irreproachable style, it is the gift that he needs. Ps: this is the Mick Fanning pro-model :)

For Searchers dads:

Rip Curl Surfboard Covers F-Light Fish Cover 6'5

7. Rip Curl Surfboard Covers F-Light Fish Cover 6'5

Your father enjoys going on Search Trip to find the best waves and being alone at the line-up? Give him the best Father’s Day by offering him this surf cover that will simplify his life. Light, durable and practical, he will never get tired of it!

Rip Curl F-Light 2.0 Transit Stack

8. Rip Curl F-Light 2.0 Transit Stack

This suitcase will be the best friend of dads who like to go on surf trips on a whim. With a capacity of 50L and a timeless style, it remains light and durable. In addition, he will think of you on each of his travels, isn’t it the most beautiful gift?


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