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SearchGPS Stats: How Fast Did Mick Go On The Search?

3 May 2017

On February 14th, 2017, we released Chapter 18 of The Search – and for anyone who was paying attention to the Internet, you’ll know that this was a very special episode. So, how fast did Mick actually go? How many waves did he catch? Luckily, MF was wearing his SearchGPS Surf Watch during his afternoon session and well, the stats are.... eye opening!

Total Waves

Considering this was Mick’s second session of the day 34 Waves caught in the one session is the stuff made of dreams!

Total Session Time

Mick surfed all day! This afternoon session almost reached 5 hours. Puts it into perspective when you think, that’s a wave caught every 8 minutes

Longest Wave

Mick spent the whole day flying in and out of barrels on The Snake; his longest stretched over 880 meters!

Session Top Speed

They don’t call him White Lightning for nothing, Mick’s fastest wave of the day was clocked at 42.6km/ph

If you havn't seen 'Ain't No Wave Pool'

I wouldn't be admitting that to anyone

The Snake does not break at the beach. It rushes past you down the beach in endless parallel lines as the lip coils and curls and crashes at striking speed, on and on and on into the distance, the tail never catching up with the head. In the lineup, you do not scan the horizon for sets, rather you look back at the beach and up the point at sets.


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