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SearchGPS Best of 2016

30 December 2016

Is your New Year's Resolution to catch more waves, surf for longer or increase your speed? Check this year's standout performers and get inspired for what's possible in 2017!

Fastest Wave

Bruno Santos

Fastest wave for 2016 goes to to our very own Bruno Santos on a surf trip to Skeleton Bay in September. 58.6km/h - now that is fast! Think you can beat Bruno? Only way to know is by putting a SearchGPS watch on your wrist and clocking your stats in the year ahead.

Top Speed: 58.6km/h
Longest Ride: 284m

Nice one Bruno.

Total Wave Count

Dean Snow

Most Waves caught goes to Dean Snow. It is safe to say that Dean must be one of the fittest surfers on the planet! Hats off to Dean for his dedication and commitment to surfing.

Total Waves: 8,529

Good on you Dean.

Longest Distance

Fernando Giestas Moreira

Longest Surf Time for 2016 goes to Fernando, a kite surfer from Brasil. Fernando covered a massive 92km in 9 hrs and 20 minutes along the North East coastline.

The capabilities of the SearchGPS go beyond surfing. The watch can be used in the mountains and for kiteboarders, as proven by Fernando.

Longest Surf Time: 9hrs 20mins

Fly high Fernando.

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