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New Rip Curl E-Bomb E6 : The Ultimate Super Stretch Wetsuit

23 August 2018

Rip Curl E-Bomb E6 Wetsuit

The new Rip Curl E-Bomb E6 wetsuit is loaded with the latest technology. A new era has arrived: the E6 neoprene. What’s the difference ? Except that the E6 comes right after the E5 (if you're good at math), this new neoprene is kind of the Ferrari neoprene. If we use the superlative, we can even say that it is ultra super stretch, surpassing industry standards.

Try to find a more comfortable, stretch and flex neoprene than the E6. It just feels like a second skin when you wear it.

Not convinced yet? Let’s focus on the key features of the new Rip Curl E-Bomb E6 wetsuit.

100% E6 Thermoflex

For this 2018 edition, the Rip Curl E-Bomb is 100% equipped with the latest E6 Thermoflex. It’s not just the most stretchiest neoprene on the market, but also one of the warmest thanks to the Thermoflex technology.

The lining is present on all the inside of the wetsuit without adding thickness, and it’s royal blue, so you can’t miss it. So, goodbye cold and hello savage hacks during winter sessions.

E6 Stress Point Taped

Don’t freak out because of the title, it’s more simple than it looks! We added E6 neoprene strips on the most stressed parts of the wetsuit: the crotch, the chest, the knees... Why? Because it increases the strength and durability of the neoprene and helps you keeping your Rip Curl wetsuit a few years in very good condition.

All the seams of the Rip Curl E-Bomb E6 are triple glued and double stitched. Yes, you read well! The seam penetrates only one side of the neoprene providing a high stretch, high strength, water sealed seam. No jokes at Rip Curl, especially when it comes to design surf wetsuits.

Zip Free

How not to talk about it? You should know all about it now, at least we hope otherwise it means that the marketing team haven’t done their job well... We don’t introduce it to you anymore: the Zip Free.

Designed and manufactured for the first time in our wetsuit workshop in Hossegor, this innovation changes everything. It offers light, unrestricted performance and efficient design for maximum stretch, warmth and comfort.

Smooth Skin Collar & Stach Pocket:

Features that we don’t often think about but that also matter.

We added inside the collar a smooth and soft neoprene to minimize leakage and especially to prevent irritations. What's more annoying than having to get out of the water because of a neck irritation while the waves are crazy.

The stach pocket is still useful, even at the digital era. With its magnetic closure and more than solid key loop, impossible that you lose the key of your Ferrari in the troubled waters of the Atlantic. Surfer's word!


Last but not least. Rip Curl wetsuits have the longest warranty on the market.

  • 3 years on the seams
  • 1 year on all other materials (Ex: zip)

Now that you know all the details of the new E-Bomb E6, here are some wetsuits that are just waiting to soak up the salt water from the Atlantic or the Mediterranean seas.

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