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Introducing: Surf Revival

2 June 2019

A high-five to the colourful history and fine madness that is Rip Curl.

Born in 1969, Rip Curl has led the surf fashion journey since its inception. Today we high-five that colourful history, and the fine madness that is Rip Curl.

With bright colours, bold stripes, retro floral designs and strong graphics, this is Surf Revival. Join us as we look forward, lean back and celebrate everything that surfing stood for in the 70s, and still does today.

Shot on location with Rip Curl team riders Leah Thompson and Alana Blanchard, Surf Revival is a collection of women’s swim and apparel for all seasons.

Available worldwide on ripcurl.com, and in Rip Curl retail stores around the globe, today.

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