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Introducing: Salt Water Culture

9 June 2019

An introduction to our first move into the environmentally responsible production of quality surf products... Salt Water Culture.

We aren’t perfect. No one is. But with a lack of perfection comes room for growth, and so, we have embarked on a journey to a more sustainable future. Salt Water Culture 1.0 is the first iteration of that; like us it’s far from perfect. But it’s a start.

On sale around the world as of today, this is Salt Water Culture.

The leading piece in the collection is Owen Wright’s Mirage Salt Water boardshort, which not only is a technically advanced super-stretch boardshort, but also has been crafted using recycled polyester yarn. In laymen’s terms, this means the short has been made from recycled bottles.

The remainder of the collection draws on 100% organic cotton t-shirts and fleece, and recycled cotton polyester boardshorts.

Salt Water Culture is made for a salt washed and sun-drenched life. It has been designed to offer our customer a range of quality surf products that are soft, natural and unique. These pieces are meant to be lived in.

We aren’t perfect, and neither is this collection. But it’s the start.

Shop the Salt Water Culture collection today, anywhere you are, around the globe.

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