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Celebrate International Women’s Day with Rip Curl Women and The Bikini Collective Book Giveaway

7 March 2021

What’s the next best thing to being a young pro surfer going on global adventures with your closest friends? Having a book that invites you to join every step of their experience. To celebrate IWD, we want to give you just that.

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The Bikini Collective will transport you to the land of beaches, bikinis and summer adventures amid the relatable day-to-day challenges that being a strong woman of the water can bring. Find comfort in the relatability and excitement in the adventure of this book series. For the days where you want to feel the sand between your toes, the salt in your hair, but the beach just isn’t an option… dive into your copy of The Bikini Collective instead.

“The Bikini Collective always had me eager to come in from the surf, get cosy with a cuppa and channel my inner bookworm...”Professional Surfer, Tru Starling.

“Ocean Rules is a book I related to in so many ways – the joys of competing and travelling with friends, parties and boys. Although the most impactful message conveyed is the importance of friendship and trust. Stick with your girl gang; they will always have your back!”

The series’ author, Kate McMahon, is passionate about delivering to an audience who might not otherwise be catered for. “My intention with the Bikini Collective was to create a fun and vibrant journey that dives into the life of a young female surfer, with impactful messages that are also just as relatable to non-surfers,” says McMahon. “The most common correspondence I receive from parents is that the books manage to captivate their child who aren’t avid readers because it’s a storyline they can connect with.”

Rip Curl want you to experience everything this young adult surf fiction series has to offer. Let The Bikini Collective take you on a wild and wonderful ride as three friends discover that surfing - just got serious. Jaspa, Mel and Carolyn navigate the ups and downs of teenage years all while competing on the World Junior Tour. A heartfelt, cheeky and exhilarating read of friendship, beach life, peer pressure, self-discovery and, of course, plenty of surf action.

So, how to score a copy for yourself, sister, mum, daughter and best friend?

It’s easy! Pop your details in the form then check your inbox, all the details on how to claim your copy will be there.


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