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All About the Fit: Find Your Perfect Bikini This Summer

30 June 2021

Learn about Rip Curl’s range of bikini cuts and styles, curated to offer you just the right amount of support and coverage.

Until now, online shopping for bikinis has been far from perfect. Rip Curl wants to help make bikini shopping easier by helping more women find their perfect fit.

Whether you’re hitting the surf or laying in the sun, Rip Curl will help you find the best bikini to fit your individual needs and style so that you can feel confident in your purchase, in the water and on the sand. The models you see here are real women who work at Rip Curl, and we’ve created this guide so you can see first-hand how different styles and cuts fit on a body shape that you can relate to.

“We design clothes and swimwear that looks good on every body, not just one body... That’s why having a spread of quality cuts and styles is so important.”- Natalie Bortollotto, Rip Curl’s Women’s Senior Swimwear Designer.

To help you on your journey to the perfect bikini, Rip Curl offers a diverse range of swim that has been categorised into easy options for Support and Coverage – whether you’re looking for something skimpy or full coverage, for lounging on the beach or for hitting the surf, we’ve got you covered.

What kind of support are you looking for in a bikini?

Size does matter, and finding the right bikini for your bust size is the key to confidence

Light Good Full D-DD

What kind of coverage do you prefer in your swimwear?

Ready to flaunt what you’ve got? Or perhaps you’d prefer something a bit more modest? This step is where you choose what amount of coverage you’d like to see in your swimwear.

Skimpy Cheeky Good Full

By answering these simple questions, you’re on route to your perfect piece of swim.

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