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How to take care of your Rip Curl Wetsuit ?

25 July 2017


You just bought your first Rip Curl wetsuit and you are wondering how to take care of it so that it lasts a few more years ? In this article you will find the answers to your questions.

You may have already noticed it but inside your Rip Curl wetsuit there are some maintenance tips to keep it alive for a maximum of time. You can also find a reminder of these maintenance tips on the label supplied with the wetsuit.


1st Commandment :  In freshwater, you will rinse it.

It may seem logical but it is advisable to rinse your wetsuit with freshwater and not with beer. In the bathtub, in a rinse tank ... wherever you want, use freshwater and rinse carefully the inside and outside of your wetsuit.


2nd Commandment : Some Rip Curl Piss Off, you will use. 

For a fresh and clean wetsuit we recommend you to use the Rip Curl Piss-Off. It is a biodegradable disinfectant for wetsuit, boots and gloves. Diluted in water, it will eliminate bacteria and other traces of salt.


3rd Commandment :  On a hanger, you won't hang it.

Many of you who are reading these lines realize at this very moment that their beautiful Rip Curl wetsuit is hang by the shoulders. Not good !!

Why is it not ideal for your wetsuit ? When it is hang, the entire weight of the wetsuit rests on the shoulders. We advise you to fold it in two at the belt, as shown in the picture. It's even faster and it allows your wetsuit to live a few more years.


4th Commandment : Under the sun, you won't dry it.

Yes, but in the sun it dries faster! Although you're right, the Rip Curl wetsuits are not really fans of X-rays and gamma ...

There are several reasons for this:

In the sun, the salt in the seams will begin to crystallize and attack everything that is on its way, namely the dear little seams that serve to connect the neoprene pieces of your wetsuit.

In addition, neoprene does not like the sun! UV rays tend to dry it, discolour it and make it lose its technical characteristics, it would be a pity that your E-Bomb wetsuit becomes as rigid as of scuba diving wetsuit, right?
In conclusion, dry it in the shade of your terrace or in the shade of a barrel. Easy ;) 

5th Commandment : Do not use the washing machine to clean it.

Some brands still advise to clean his wetsuit at 30 °C with a little spin drying BUT at Rip Curl, we do not recommend this kind of madness! Poor Rip Curl Flashbomb, it can damage and its neoprene lose all its technical nature and flexibility. So, use a garden hose as a washing machine, it's more economical for you and for Nature.


6th Commandment : At the pool, you won't bath.

Surf wetsuits are made for ??? Surfing ! And other aquatic activities in salt water or fresh water. To prevent the colors of the wetsuit from turning grey, steer clear of swimming pools filled with chlorine as much as possible.


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