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King Of The Point Goes off on UK’s East Coast.

19 March 2019

For the second year running the Secret Spot KING OF THE POINT supported by Rip Curl went down in stellar conditions.

After waiting through several ‘amber warning’ swells the signal finally went green late afternoon Saturday. The invited list of surfers scrambled logistics and assembled at dawn on a frosty spring morning. The plan for the day was to run round 1 at an out of the way left hand cobblestone reef. A quick turnaround and blast to a pounding left hand ledge for round 2. A highlight of the East Coast surf comp scene that involved many of the old legends and an increasing number of younger frothers from the main regions os Scarborough, Whitby, Saltburn, Tynemouth and further afield. After the final horn was blown it was straight to the nearest pub for presentation.

“This was such a great event to be involved with for Rip Curl. A real core event that helps promote the scene in this proud surfing region.” Joel Gray Rip Curl UK “The original idea was born to bring a group of surfers together from different locations. Rather than have a knock out contest format we wanted to keep people surfing all day. Two rounds with plenty of time in the water with people enjoying the camaraderie of it all." Scotty, Secret Spot.

"Stoked to pull off another great contest in great waves.” Tomo, Secret Spot.

In the end to cheers from everyone the winner was Saltburn goofy footer Kris Fairest.”I missed the event last year so I was stoked to be able to do it this year. Im really pleased to win and Ive had a great fun day - a good laugh with everyone together. Big thanks to Tomo and Scotty for putting the event on. Everyone had a laugh and hope it’s on next year.”


  • Kris Fairest 1st Place
  • Gabe Davies 2nd Place
  • Joel Gray / Evan Rogers 3rd place
  • Sandy Kerr 4th place

Best Wave

Joel Gray

Longest Wave

Posh Tom (Tom Wilson)

Raddest Drop

Delboy (Broadbent)

Queen of the Point

Emily Grimes

Grom of the Event

Cade Dickinson

Best Wipeout

  • Andy Hogg
  • Prawn (Shaun Thomas)


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