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Rip Curl updates and expands its network of flagship stores across Europe/

25 July 2022

The Australian brand has just refurbished its Chamonix store and is strengthening its position as the most high-tech and authentic surf brand on the market by opening two flagship stores, one in Barcelona (Spain) and the other in Ericeira (Portugal).

Backed by its 20 stores in Europe, Rip Curl continues to expand its network of surf shops in the most strategic locations across the continent. The Barcelona surf shop is located right in the heart of the city and the new showcase in Ericeira, a Portuguese surfing hotspot, opened its doors in July.

The concept is simple but effectively reflects the DNA of the Australian company. The use of the finest natural materials (wood and stone) are a reminder that Rip Curl, although considered the most innovative brand on the market, remains true to its roots based on simplicity and a sense of adventure (*The Search).

The decorative imagery is a reference to the rich history of Rip Curl, which was founded in 1969 in Bells Beach, Victoria, as well as the magnificent waves and surfing hotspots around the world.

This is where the best range of surfing products can be found, for all surfers, men, women and children. When it comes to neoprene, there is a vast selection of surfing wetsuits to be explored, with unique and exacting innovations such as the FlashBomb and HeatSeeker models and the most recent and high-performing E7 wetsuit.

As for boards, a whole range of models enables every surfer to kit themselves out, from experts to beginners. Rip Curl, Al Merrick as well as Fire Wire boards can be found alongside a range of soft boards (foam) and bodyboards, enabling everyone to best equip themselves.

The clothing offering is also showcased here with the entire range of products from the collection, including the iconic and super-technical Mirage boardshorts, that are loved by the Team’s best surfers, as well as the “Summer Looks Good On You” range with a bikini offering that is a highlight for the women’s collection

This autumn there will be a wider range of jackets and puffers in the Anti Series to be discovered (“anti wind, anti rain and anti cold”). This series has been one of Rip Curl’s greatest successes and is essential for any self-respecting surfer.

In the Chamonix store, you will also find yourself immersed in the ideal setting to explore ranges including Rip Curl’s Mountainwear, with products that are as technical as they are on-trend, perfect for taking on the snowy slopes. “Rip Curl is surfing with good momentum; consumer enthusiasm for outdoor activities, and water and winter sports over the last three years has enhanced its leadership in the surfing world.” Explains Philippe Cazeaux, Retail Operations Manager for Rip Curl Europe.

RIP CURL EUROPE Chamonix Flagship Store : 275 Rue du Dr Paccard Chamonix-Mont-Blanc - France

RIP CURL ERICEIRA  Ericeira Flagship Store : Rua Dr Miguel Bombarda, 1 Ericeira – Portugal – INAUGURATION LE 4 AOUT !

RIP CURL EUROPE BARCELONA Flagship Store : Carrer de la Canuda,33 Barcelona - Spain June 2022

*The Search is the passion for surfing and winter sports, which inspires us to adventure and to discover the best waves and surf spots. It’s Rip Curl’s DNA and, to this day, remains its primary source of inspiration, its driving force and the ultimate goal of every surfer.


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