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Mirage Activate Compression Liner Boardshort

Surf Stronger For Longer

Mick Fanning’s hidden secret… A compression liner boardshort with body-mapping sillicone grip, creating posture and joint alignment to perform at a higher level and recover quicker. Fused with an ultra lightweight Aerotech outershell, enabling you to surf stronger for longer.


Mick Fanning’s Hidden Secret

The ultimate compression liner boardshort that helps you perform better and recover faster.

*Anyone with an existing health issue, particulary a skin or circulatory condition, who is unsure about the risks of compression clothing should speak with a healthcare professional before making a purchase.

Body-mapping silicon grip designed to stimulate body position awareness and activate underused core surfing muscle groups, balancing mobility, power, posture, and joint alignment.
Firm, yet flexible, rash-resistant fit
Compression fit decreases lactic acid build-up, reducing fatigue and aiding faster recovery.

Dr Tim Brown

Dr Tim Brown has aimed to improve the mobility and flexibility of surfers for decades. He is a Chiropractic Sports Medicine Specialist, Co-Medical Director for the World Surf League, CIO of NeuX Technology, and has spent over 35 years working with Professional Surfers including the US Olympic Surfing Performance Team. He is also the Founding Director of Sports Medicine for the Associate of Volleyball Professionals and works with athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and PGA.

Dr Tim Brown and Mick Fanning have been working together for over 20 years, collaborating on ideas to perform at a higher level and help recover faster.

video mirage

Mick Fanning's Secret Weapon Released

Rip Curl is proud to introduce Mirage Activate - the ultimate compression liner boardshort.
Developed by 3x World Champion Mick Fanning and WSL Co-Medical Director & Chiropractic Sports Medicine Dr Brown.



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